Reports on Physical Restraint and Seclusion

Reports on Physical Restraint & Seclusion Safety

Student Engagement

  • Reports about Restraint and Seclusion
    • COPAA Declaration of Principles Opposing the Use of Restraints, Seclusion, and Other Aversive Interventions Upon Children with Disabilities, June 2008 (updated March 2011)
    • How Safe Is The Schoolhouse? An Analysis of State Seclusion and Restraint Laws and Policies, Jessica Butler, July 25, 2015.
    • Keeping Schools Safe: How Seclusion and Restraint Protect Students and School Personnel. American Society of School Administrators, March, 2012
    • School is Not Supposed to Hurt, National Disability Rights Network, January, 2009
    • Seclusions and Restraints, U.S. Government Accounting Office Report, May, 2009
    • The Cost of Waiting – TASH, 2011
    • Unsafe in the Schoolhouse: Abuse of Children with Disabilities, May 10, 2009
    • A Report on Districts’ Progress in Reducing the Use of Restrictive Procedures in Minnesota Schools, February 2, 2016
      • View a summary of the prone restraint and restrictive procedures data. The report includes districts’ progress and the workgroup’s recommendations for reducing the use of restrictive procedures and eliminating the use of prone restraints.
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