Staff-Student Relationships

Staff-Student Relationships

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Staff Student Relationships

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A staff-student relationship can be defined as a caring connection between a youth and a school staff member that promotes healthy ongoing support. Effective staff-student relationships are formed through connectedness, availability, and communication with students. Positive relationships with staff, characterized by trust, respect and cooperation, have been shown to be a protective factor for students at-risk for failure by helping students build resiliency and self-regulation skills. This brief defines and outlines the components of staff-student relationships and discusses ways in which staff can build healthy relationships with students.
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Berstein-Yamashiro, B., & Noam, G. (2013). Teacher-student relatonships: Toward personalized education. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley & Sons.
This book explores the complexity of teacher-student relationships in secondary school settings, and how these relationships function for students and teachers int heir learning and socio-emotional development. The relationships are discueed from botht eh teacher and student perspective, and topics include drawing appropriate boundaries, school-provided guidelines and guidance, formats for supporting teachers, a whole-school approach tow orking on students' emotional challenges, and relationships in after-school programs.