DataBasic #3: Collating and Graphing Data

Nu Data

NU Data Basic Data 3 & 4

Excel Orientation (PPT)
The orientation provides an overview of Excel as well as an opportunity to practice entering and graphing data. This presentation also describes the importance of graphing the data teachers collect on their students.

Excel Introduction and Entering Screening Data (PPT)
The NU Data Excel Introduction and Entering Screening Data presentation briefly explains the basic components of graphing data. This powerpoint provides visuals on how to enter and organize data in an Excel spreadsheet as well as visuals describing the essential components of a graph.

Data Collection Tips and Tricks with Formulas (PPT)
This presentation provides tips for collecting data electronically and reviews entering data in excel and using Google forms, or other measures, to collect data.

NU Data Excel Workbook
The NU Data Excel Workbook breaks down entering data and creating graphs in easily digestible steps. The workbook includes many visuals, example cases, and example graphs.

Tips and Tricks for Using Excel to Manage Student Data (Video Tutorials)
Automatic Update:
This video explains three easy steps for automatically updating graphs after entering new progress monitoring data. 

Calculating Averages:
Learn how to use Excel formulas to calculate averages for a pre and post intervention data in this video.

Deleting Rows and Columns:
Delete rows and columns within Excel datasets by following in a few quick steps in this video.

How to Move a Graph:
See how to move graphs to different sheets in Excel in this video.

Changing a Graph:
This video demonstrates how to change the type of graph using Excel.

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