Individual Student Data

Individual Student Data

Student Engagement

Intervention teams and individual educators require accurate, detailed data about individual students in order to make decisions on how to intervene to best assist those students. This data is used to identify student strengths and deficits, as well as to develop and evaluate interventions designed to assist these students.

This section of the website will provide guidance and information on how to develop and use data in this way. The materials are indended for school based problem solving teams, as well as individual teachers or administrators who will be working to develop specific interventions for individual students.

This section of materials will discuss:

  • Choosing a method for collecting data.
  • Organizing, displaying, and interpreting data.
  • Using data for problem solving and decision making.

Note: Many materials in this section are adapted from materials developed by the NU Data Project, which is a federally funded research project designed to assist educators to develop and effectively use student data. Materials from the NU Data Project can be identified by the NU Data logo below.

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