Reports on Physical Restraint and Seclusion

Reports on Physical Restraint & Seclusion Safety

Student Engagement

  • Reports about Restraint and Seclusion
    • COPAA Declaration of Principles Opposing the Use of Restraints, Seclusion, and Other Aversive Interventions Upon Children with Disabilities, June 2008 (updated March 2011)
    • How Safe Is The Schoolhouse? An Analysis of State Seclusion and Restraint Laws and Policies, Jessica Butler, July 25, 2015.
    • Keeping Schools Safe: How Seclusion and Restraint Protect Students and School Personnel. American Society of School Administrators, March, 2012
    • School is Not Supposed to Hurt, National Disability Rights Network, January, 2009
    • Seclusions and Restraints, U.S. Government Accounting Office Report, May, 2009
    • The Cost of Waiting – TASH, 2011
    • Unsafe in the Schoolhouse: Abuse of Children with Disabilities, May 10, 2009