School Climate and Culture

School Climate and Culture

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Building a Positive School Climate

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School climate can have a positive effect on student learning, engagement, and responsiveness; therefore, schools should make it a priority. Continue reading to learn more about student and school outcomes of a positive school climate and culture, as well as how to improve your school's climate.

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National School Climate Resource Center

The goal of the National School Climate Resource Center is to help translate research into practice by establishing meaningful and relevant guidelines, programs, and services that support a model for whole school improvement with a focus on school climate.

View the Direct National School Climate Resource Center Website
School Climate Practice Briefs

These Practice Briefs from the National School Climate Resource Center summarize effective practices that support implementation and sustainability efforts. The first set of Briefs summarizes research and best practices for effective school reform in eleven overlapping areas. The second Practice Brief summarizes a number of early childhood issues and school climate reform.

View the Direct Practice Briefs from the National School Climate Resource Center
Webinars on Trauma Informed Practices

Children who have experienced trauma are at increased risk for negative educational and behavioral outcomes. These webinars provide information on how to build a positive school climate with children who have experienced trauma.

View the Direct Webinars on Trauma Informed Practices
Building A Positive School Climate-Quality Counts 2013: Code of Conduct

Watch this video to explore some of the ways to configure school design to support a positive school culture. Discover how some schools are creating flexible, adaptable learning spaces that encourage collaboration and reimagine schools as student-centered communities of learners. 

View the Positive School Climate Video
Josh Opens Doors and Hearts

 Josh Yandt is a London high school student that was being bullied. His father had recently died and he was feeling depressed and alone. One day, he decided to stand up to bullies and "kill them with kindness."

View the Video About Josh
Department of Education Resources

The Department of Education released new school climate surveys and a quick guide on making school climate improvements to help foster and sustain safe and supportive environments that are conducive to learning for all students. Download the ED School Climate Surveys (EDSCLS) free of charge. Also, the Quick Guide on Making School Climate Improvements can be downloaded free of charge. There is information at the state, school district, and individual school level.

Department of Education Improving School Climate Resources