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Note: These archived materials are dated before 2004, and may not reflect current research & practice.
The Safe and Responsive Schools project was the result of a federally funded grant to address school violence, and promote positive school behavior. The grant operated from October, 1999 to October, 2004. Its goals were to assist schools to:
  • Prevent school violence
  • Create a positive climate
  • Diminish inappropriate behavior
  • Improve discipline procedures
  • Enhance academic learning
As a part of the grant, the Safe and Responsive Schools Framework was developed to match school actions/interventions to the differing needs of three groups of students- what is today termed a three tiered prevention model. The focus of interventions was on three levels:
  • Creating a safe and responsive climate - all students.
  • Early identification and intervention – a subset of students with signs or symptoms of behavior problems.
  • Effective responses to inappropriate behavior – a small set of students with chronic or severe behavior needs.

Available Materials

Four types of materials developed as a part of the project are currently available. The SRS Guide provides a detailed set of procedures for school staff in using the Safe and Responsive Schools Framework to assess, plan and implement efforts to aters 7-8ddress school violence prevention, discipline reform and behavior improvement. The Guide is in two sections, Chapters 1-6, & Chapters 7-8 The SRS Safe School Surveys are four versions of a climate and safety survey which can be administered to Elementary or Secondary students, Parents and School Staff to measure several factors regarding their school environment. Included are the survey forms in Word and scanable versions, and a list of the subscales for each version. The SRS Fact Sheets are a series of one page front and back information sheets on topics which are related to school safety planning at three tiers of intervention. These Reports are various documents created as a result of the project on school violence prevention, school safety and school discipline.

Grant Acknowledgement

All of the materials listed here were supported in part under a grant entitled “Building Safe and Responsive Schools” (#H325N9900099) from, the Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education in their “Project of National Significance” competition. However, those contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the US Department of Education, and no endorsement by the Federal Government should be assumed. Copyright of all grant materials is held by Reece L. Peterson and Russell Skiba. However, permission to use these materials is granted for non-commercial use by school personnel working in schools, and for researchers working on related topics. Appropriate attribution should be provided for any materials used. For questions about use of materials contact Reece L. Peterson at or Russell Skiba at