Archived Materials

Archived Materials

Student Engagement

The materials at this location are materials which although out of date, may continue to be useful. They focus on school violence prevention and the development of appropriate student behavior in school.

Materials include:

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Consortium to Prevent School Violence logo
  • A variety of materials from the Safe & Responsive Schools Project which ended in 2004. These include a Guide, Safety Surveys, Fact Sheets and Reports. For more details follow this link.

  • Six fact sheets developed by the Consortium to Prevent School Violence. These materials are the only materials developed by the Consortium and the most recent is dated in 2008.
  • Fact sheet #1: Overview of School Violence Prevention

    Fact sheet #2: Bullying Prevention

    Fact sheet #3: Anger Management in Schools

    Fact sheet #4: Zero Tolerance Policies in Schools

    Fact sheet #5: School Resource Officers (SROs)

    Fact sheet #6: Student Uniforms