Project Outcomes

Student Engagement

External Document Review

Throughout 2015 - 2016, school and education related professionals were emailed and asked to read and review two of our strategy briefs and fill out a short review for each. Many reviews were received, evaluating the project’s documents. The reviewers rated each document on how practitioner friendly it was, how helpful it would be to educators, how accurate the information was, how complete the document was, and how well the tiers of intervention were identified. The feedback received from these reviews was largely positive. The comments and suggestions received from these reviews will guide revisions to the documents when necessary. Detailed results of the review can be viewed here.

Website Analytics Report

The purpose of this report is to describe the frequency of web traffic on the Student Engagement Project website ( as provided by Google Analytics. This report provides an overview of web traffic on the site from May 2013 to April 2015. This information allows the Student Engagement team to monitor how people are accessing the project’s resources. The report indicates a rapid growth in site usage in the last two years. The report also includes recommendations for site improvement. Detailed data on the website traffic can be viewed here.