Strategies Related to Behavior & Discipline

Strategies Related to Behavior & Discipline

Student Engagement

Behavior Screening

In order to identify students who may be at high risk for developing emotional or behavioral problems, many schools have begun to implement universal screening procedures. These screening procedures and the research on which they are based are described here. For detailed information click on the "Topic Brief" button to the right, and for examples of specific behavior screening procedures click on the "Resource Brief" button to the right.

Screening briefs were updated in March (2017), download the PDFs for the newest versions!

Strategy Briefs for Behavior and Discipline

The Strategy Briefs listed below can be used to improve student behavior at school, and reduce the use of exclusionary discipline. Many of these strategies overlap with those for graduation and dropout, as they have lead to positive outcomes in both of these areas.  Strategies can be used for individual student planning, or school improvement planning. Each Brief identifies the tier of intervention for that strategy.

Click at right for lists of strategy briefs related to Behavior and Discipline organized by tiers of intervention. For information about the purpose and definition of "tiers of intervention," click here.

Parent & Family Involvement 
Peer Mediation
Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports
Pyramid Model for Early Childhood Education
Restorative Practices
  - Includes "Resources for Restorative Practices in Schools"
Saturday School
School Climate & Culture
  - Includes "Resources for School Climate & Culture"
School Values & Expectations
School Wide Behavior/Discipline Programs - Coming Soon!
School-Community Collaboration - Coming Soon!
Service Learning & Community Service
Sleep and School
Social Skills Instruction
  - Includes "Resources for Social Skills Curricula & Programs"
Staff-Student Relationships
Student Engagement
Suicide Prevention
  - Includes "Resources for Suicide Prevention"
Threat Assessment
Truancy Reduction
  - Includes "Resources for Truancy Reduction in Schools"
Trauma-Informed Care – Coming Soon
Youth Courts
Zero Tolerance