Specific Programs

Programs to Improve Behavior

Student Engagement

The Program Briefs listed below are examples of specific programs which may be useful to improve student behavior at school, and thus reduce the use of exlusionary discipline. Each of these programs employ multiple strategies, techniques, or procedures to comprise that program. Programs are often sponsored by an organization which supports training and implementation of that program. Each Program Brief  identifies one or more tier of intervention for that program, and the status of research about that program. The examples listed are employed in local communities; however, many other programs are available.

Character Counts Pillars

Tiers Program Brief
1, 2, 3 Program- Behavior Intervention Support Team (BIST)
1, 2, 3 Program- Boys Town Education Model
2 Program- Building Bridges
1 Program- Character Counts!
2, 3 Program- Check and Connect
2, 3 Program- Check-In/Check-Out
1 Program- Developmental Assets
1, 2 Program- The Good Behavior Game
3 Program- Project RENEW
1 Program- Second Step
3 Program- Targeting Bullying Intervention Program
2, 3 Program- Three Anger Management Programs