Reducing School Dropout

Strategies Related to Graduation & Dropout

Student Engagement

Dropout Screening and Early Warning

In order to identify students who may be at high risk for dropout, many schools have begun to implement screening procedures which are often called "Early Warning Systems". These systems and the research on which they are based are described here.

Strategy Briefs for Reducing Dropout

The strategies briefs listed below can be used to reduce the risk of students dropping out, and to recover students who may have already made a decision to dropout of school. Many of these strategies overlap with those for behavior and discipline. They can be used for individual student planning, or school improvement planning. Each brief identifies the tier of intervention for that strategy.

Click on the button to the right for a list of strategy briefs related to Graduation and Dropout identified by tiers of intervention. For more information regarding the purpose and definition of these tiers of intervention, click here.