Bullying Prevention and Intervention

Bullying Prevention and Intervention

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Bullying Prevention and Intervention

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The negative psychological and physical repercussions of bullying are extensive. Programs designed to reduce bullying are most effective when bullying is addressed from both a prevention and intervention standpoint, employing tiers of increasingly intensive intervention.

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Office of Civil Rights and the U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Service “Dear Colleague" Letters

Recently the Office of Civil Rights and the U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Service have issued several “Dear Colleague" Letters regarding bullying, as well as some resource materials.  Click here to a page with links to each of these documents.

View the Dear Colleague Letters

What are Public Schools Required to Do when Students with Disabilities are Bullied?

This fact sheet provides information for parents regarding strategies and legal issues related to bullying among students with disabilities.

View the fact sheet

School Climate Webinar Series: Effective Strategies for Assessing Bullying, Violence, and Substance Abuse

In this webinar participants were able to learn strategies to design and conduct surveys to measure bullying, violence, and substance abuse. Links to appropriate resources and examples of such assessments are provided.

View the Webinar Series

AERA Research Report and Recommendations

This is a research report from the American Educational Research Association

View the Report

Bullying and Students with Disabilities: A Resource Guide

Recently, a horrific bullying situation occurred in Chicago, where a young man with a disability was kidnapped and abused. The young people who perpetrated the attack were arrested and charged with a hate crime. Although an extreme case, this event highlights how vulnerable students with disabilities can be to being bullied. This resource guide includes information on bullying, as well as information for school leaders on how to select an evidence-based bullying program.

The Resource Guide