Using Data

All tiered models of intervention, particularly Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and Response to Intervention (RTI), depend on using reliable data to make educational decisions.

Individual student data provide information about the performance of a single student. These data guide smaller scale, but equally important, decisions about intervention choices for struggling students, as well as indicate the degree of improvement that is made after an intervention is put into place.

School and district wide data provide critical information about how the student body, as a whole, is performing behaviorally and academically. These data guide large-scale decisions that affect the entire school or district.

NU Data Project

The NU Data Project is a free resource that aims to improve educators skills related to high-quality data use by providing narrated PowerPoints, data collection tools, and other materials. This project also offers a four-month professional development intervention designed to strengthen teachers’ competence in collecting and using data to evaluate their students’ learning, behavior, and/or academic engagement.

What NU Data Does

NU Data strengthens teachers’ skills in six DataBasics. These six DataBasics were developed to address barriers to high-quality data use. Follow the links below to learn more about each DataBasic, and access narrated powerpoints, data collection tools, and other materials. Start exploring the six DataBasics here:

Data Resources

This page provides various additional resources regarding teacher use of student data, maintaining confidentiality with student and school-wide data, and analyzing data.

Data Resources page

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