Family Group Conferencing

Family Group Conferencing

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Family group conferencing is a “restorative” procedure to bring the people together who are negatively affected by a behavior and to address the behavior and the person who acted inappropriately. One study has shown that this might be an effective alternative to expulsion for students with serious behavior problems.

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Vermont Court Diversion Program

This video explains how Vermont's court diversion program, an alternative to the traditional court system, works. The 9-minute video highlights how the program's restorative justice approach benefits participants and the community. Approximately 10 percent of misdemeanor charges in Vermont are handled through diversion at significant savings to the state; participants who successfully complete the program avoid a criminal conviction.

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Applying Restorative Practices to Minneapolis Public Schools

This report describes the study done in the Minneapolis Public Schools looking at restorative justice services being given to students recommended for expulsion. Restorative practices were studied as an alternative to traditional discipline methods like expulsion and suspension. When restorative practices were employed suspension and expulsion rates dropped.

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Restorative Justice Community Action

This organization allows for a process that holds offenders accountable by requiring they face the consequences of their actions instead of punitive punishment. Offenders serve to improve the quality of the community in which they live or damaged.

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Living Amends: Neighbors on the Northside

Empower community members to build positive connections with adult and youth offenders as they give back to the community to restore harm or damaged they have caused.  This organization allows for an honest conversation about the offense in order to help the individual understand the impact of the choices they’ve made on their community.

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