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Student Engagement

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Student engagement is a term used to describe a student’s interest and enthusiasm for school. Engagement impacts students' academic performance and behavior as well as how they identify with school and feel that they are cared for and respected.

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In Brief: Resilience Series

Reducing the effects of significant adversity on young children’s healthy development is critical to the progress and prosperity of any society. Yet not all children experience lasting harm as a result of adverse early experiences. Some may demonstrate “resilience”, or an adaptive response to serious hardship. A better understanding of why some children do well despite early adversity is important because it can help us design policies and programs that help more children reach their full potential. These three videos provide an overview of why resilience matters, how it develops, and how to strengthen it in children.

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Gallup Student Poll Finds Engagement in School Dropping by Grade Level

Researchers have found that student engagement decreases as grade level increases, indicating that school professionals need to work on school supports that aim to increase student engagement.
Gallup Student Poll Finds Engagement in School Dropping by Grade Level