Youth Courts

Youth Courts

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Youth Courts

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Youth courts are structured, court-like programs that employ a restorative justice philosophy.  This program has been used as a mechanism for disciplinary consequences within school settings. 

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Resources for Restorative Practices in Schools

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Restorative Practices: A Guide for Educators

The National Opportunity to Learn Campaign has provided a toolbox for educators interested in using restorative practices in their schools.

Global Youth Justice, Inc.
The mission of Global Youth Justice is to: (1) Champions the local to global expansion of volunteer-driven local Youth Justice and Juvenile Justice diversion programs called Teen Court, Youth Court, Student Court, Peer Court and Peer Jury; (2) Champions reducing voting ages around the globe to 16 years of age; and (3) Champions the planting of Trees and Tree Pipelines when youth and adults are sentenced to peer imposed and mandated community service.